NIROSTAR 2001-B, Drill Powered Pump


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Product Description

  • Made In Germany
  • Flow Rate: 16 GPM Max at 2,800 RPM | Connection: 1” NPT | Dry self-priming to 15 Ft. | Max temperature 200°F | Working pressure of 58 PSI | The 3/8” shank fits all common chucks for most drills.
  • Fluid viscosity: 1 (water) to 20,000 cP (heavy gear oil) | Transports a wide range of liquids, including liquids containing solids, oils and corrosives
  • Drill Driven Pump – 316L- complete stainless steel construction with a wide variety of applications, especially corrosive liquids. | Designed to work with rechargeable/electrical drills with a maximum speed of 2,800 RPM
  • Maintenance: For cleaning and maintenance work the pumps are quickly and easily disassembled. Replacement parts can be ordered individually.

Additional information

Weight 4.5 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 4 in

1" NPT

Flow Rate Max

16 GPM

Working Pressure Max

58 PSI

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ZuwaUSA Drill Pump Casing and Impellers



A multi-purpose pump with aluminium body (AlMgSi1) designed for transferring clean or contaminated fluids. Not suitable for handling abrasive or corrosive fluids.


Pump Housing made of stainless steel (AISI 316Ti) for abrasive or slightly corroding liquids.  Particularly suitable for all fluids types containing abrasives. It is an economic alternative to the NIROSTAR series pump for transferring abrasive or slightly corrosive fluids.


A high quality stainless steel pump (AISI 316Ti) for use in various applications within industrial plants and production facilities. The appropriate choice for transferring corrosive fluids.



For water, antifreeze, heat transfer fluid, vegetable oil and grease high impact elasticity and good mechanical strength good for applications involving high pressures up to max. 5 bar.


For hight temperatures, for acids and bases. high elasticity and very good mechanical stability.


Preferably used for applications in the food industry. flame retardant, tearproof, durable.


For water, mineral and vegetable oils, diesel fuel, heat transfer fluid and several chemicals. Extremely tear resistant and good mechanical resistance (not suitable for abrasive fluids) maximum fluid temperature 60°C.


For oil, diesel, fuel oil, palm oil, soy bean oil and oil emulsive wood preservatives very good chemical resistance, less mechanical resistance.

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Durable Quality Drill Pumps

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