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Can any drill power the Zuwa pump?

We have tested many, even the cheapest rechargeable drills will power this pump. Our tests show that a rechargeable drill will power the Zuwa pump for 25 minutes on one charge. The pump can also be powered by electric or air powered drills.

What is the maximum temperature the Zuwa pump can operate?

180Fwhen using the standard NBR impeller, 250F + with the Viton option. The pump is also available with EPDM, and FDA approved Neoprene.

Can the Zuwa pump handle high viscosity fluids like gear oil?

Yes, the pump was designed to handle viscosities up to 20,000cps,      anything from water, coolant, hydraulic fluid to honey

Is the Zuwa pump good for pumping Diesel fuel out of a barrel?

Yes, this is one of many perfect applications for this pump. It was designed for remote barrel transfer service for many different chemicals.

At what distance can the Zuwa pump dry prime?

14’ vertically pumping water, once primed that distance over doubles.

How far can the Zuwa pump push/process fluids?

130’+ pump can develop 58 PSI discharge pressure.

Can the Zuwa pump handle solids?

Yes, pump has been tested using water with solids including leaves, mud and small stone’s up too (1/8”)

Can I pump food products like Beer or Wine?

Yes, the pump can be ordered with FDA approved materials including 316L stainless steel and can easily be flushed for cleaning.

Can the Zuwa pump be used in salt water marine applications?

Yes, we have many customers using them as emergency bilge pumps for salt and fresh water applications. They are also used to perform oil changes in the tight spaces found in marine motor applications.

Are Zuwa pumps available with motors?

Yes, the pumps can be ordered in many different configurations using 115v, 230/460v and even a 12v option. These pumps are also available with dry run protection and easy to use VFD controls.

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